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Our goal

This site is the online tool for the promotion of many activities aiming to promote knowledge in Psychopathology, the science that studies mental disorders, their clinical manifestations, their etiology, their diagnostic access and their treatment.

Knowledge of Psychopathology is at the core of education for psychiatrists and clinical psychologists and is essential for all mental health professionals. As necessary as this knowledge is, it is also difficult to acquire and transfer. There are many reasons for this. Training in Psychopathology requires a lot of effort and clinical experience. It can only be achieved through the combination of painstaking study and continued communication with the patient. Of course, it requires the presence of the patient, their complexity and uniqueness, the particular interaction with them, which forms the basis for their diagnostic examination and treatment.

On the other hand, psychopathological knowledge today is enriched and renewed at great speed, continuously incorporating new data emerging from clinical research, from treatment trials, as well as from the basic research - neurosciences. The mental health clinician needs to constantly monitor the scientific developments taking place in various scientific disciplines at the same time and constantly altering the body of knowledge that constitutes Psychopathology and each of its individual domains.

All the members of this portal who are engaged in the educational activities presented at try to cover many of these needs. Our activities aim to offer reliable, effective and comprehensive training and retraining of specialists in applied Psychopathology, namely in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. For this purpose, we try to promptly integrate every scientific development into our teaching and every new instrument in the process of training mental health professionals. is an important milestone in our efforts because it greatly enriches the teaching tools we use with various e-learning methods offered by the Internet. The students of our seminars will also attend the on-line training course through the e-class. In the future, those who wish to will be able to follow clinical training courses and seminars online on our Webinars platform.

We aspire that will be an online portal dedicated to lifelong training in Psychopathology, useful for any mental health practitioner and especially for young people who are now acquiring clinical experience. Here, they can find information about our activities, download useful material, subscribe to seminars, clinical training courses and webinars and attend e-learning training programs.

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