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Academic year: 2020-2021

The training course in Clinical Psychopathology has gained wide recognition thanks to the long and inspiring effort of Panagiotis Oulis and is now conducted by a group of his students, under the supervision of the psychiatrist George Konstantakopoulos.

The course comprises the following main parts:

Theoretical part:

Teaching of the basic psychopathological concepts of clinical signs and symptoms as well as the clinical syndromes within the context of which they occur.

Clinical part:

Students are invited to apply the concepts learned to clinical cases, trying to identify symptoms and justify the application of clinical psychopathological concepts (psychopathological analysis) and to form and justify their final diagnosis (differential diagnosis). The most appropriate categories of therapeutic interventions for each clinical case should also be outlined.


First Department of Psychiatry of University of Athens, University Research Institute of Mental Health, Neuroscience and Medical Precision "Kostas Stefanis" (EPIPSY) & Society for the Promotion of Knowledge in Mental Disorders.


One academic year (76 academic hours)

Scientific Committee:

Charalampos Papageorgiou: Professor of Psychiatry, Head of the First Department of Psychiatry

Dimitris Ploumpidis: Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, First Department of Psychiatry

Eleftheria Tsalta: Professor of Psychiatry, First Department of Psychiatry

Anna Kokkevi: Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, University of Athens, Supervisor of the Drug Dependence and Relevant Research and International Collaborations Division, EPIPSY

George Konstantakopoulos: Psychiatrist, First Department of Psychiatry of University of Athens & University College London, UK

Course supervisor:

George Konstantakopoulos


October 2020

Cost of participation:




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Applications accepted until 30 September 2020

The course will be conducted online with lessons via video conferencing and e-learing on the website of The lessons will take place every Thursday at 6:00 - 8:00 PM (Group A) or at 8.00 - 10.00 PM (Group B).

The course is aimed at Mental Health professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, health visitors) and at graduates of relevant academic departments.

The candidates are chosen following an assessment (priority order by affinity of studies and job).

For the completion of the course, participants will have to attend the lessons and succeed in exams (in theoretical part, medical history analysis and children and adolescents' psychopathology).

Upon successful completion of the course a certificate of participation is granted.

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