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How to Login

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Students of Clinical Psychopathology (Basic) and Clinical Skills in Psychopathology (Advanced) Postgraduate Courses have access to for educational material (presentations, exercises, study aids and additional material for further study). After signing up and creating an account, the students of the courses are able to enter for one academic year.

Your registration at is made by creating your personal account. By clicking on "Login" on the upper right, you choose "Create an account", where you fill in the mandatory fields (asterisk) and select "Basic" as student level for the Clinical Psychopathology Course or "Advanced" for the Clinical Skills in Psychopathology Course. Alternatively, you can go to the following e-mail address:

Upon activation of your registration, a confirmatory email will be sent to you.

Having received the confirmatory email, you will be able through your account – that is, filling in your personal information (Username and Password) and clicking on "Login" – to access the educational material of the course you are attending, which will be posted on the "E-class" page.

Participants in Webinars will have special access to for online monitoring and downloading relevant educational material. Instructions for signing up will be received by email right after their selection for participating in the Webinar. Participants in Clinical Workshops will also have the option of special access to receive educational material.